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Video producers based in Vienna, Austria

unsere kunden.

our clients.



We met at the Austrian school in Guatemala and we have been best friends ever since. We created UNIQUE FILMS in order to materialize our passion for communication and make all our experience in different creative disciplines available to our clients.
über uns.
My name is Chema, I studied marketing and graphic design and I learned everything about video production in a self-taught way. I have lived in Vienna for 9 years and since 2018 I manage the operations of UNIQUE FILMS full time and also the weddings.
I'm Harold, I’ve been singing, composing and producing music for as long as I can remember. In my 10 years of professional career I have learned to combine storytelling, music and visual art to connect with audiences at a higher level.

We motivate our clients to show themselves to the world as they are because we firmly believe that the best version of oneself is the true one.


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